Grief, a cloak of sadness,

with feelings not far from madness,

and pain so immense your world stands still,

and you seem to function against your will,

with a weight so heavy, bearing down,

you can’t see an end, you think you’ll drown,

in emotions so strong and so intense,

and nothing is seeming to make any sense,

but gradually, as time passes, these feelings subside,

they don’t disappear, they’re still deep inside,

but they become more manageable, life moves on,

and despite your grief for the person who’s gone,

you take steps towards some kind of normality,

not the same, but different, more aware of mortality.

Your ‘brave’ face softens, and your tears still flow,

and you reach the stage where your heart will know,

that to love and be loved was a gift so great,

that peace will follow and the grief will abate.

by Joanna Doyle

May 2017


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