Getting home from work…….

Getting home from work should be relaxing,

but for me it is usually extremely taxing,

today I’m met by ‘Jonny fell off his skateboard’

I assume if it was bad I’d have probably heard,

“Which bits did he hurt?”, I ask with concern,

whilst my stomach flips with that queezy churn,

“Which bits didn’t he”, was my husbands reply,

(I’m comforted when he looks me in the eye),

“Leg, hip, elbow, back….. they’re all quite a mess,

but his head hit the grass!” (so we don’t have to stress

about a head injury, we’ve already had one

and he’s still recovering – that’s my elder son)

‘How are his clothes?” (that’s a mother’s concern!)

“Amazingly, fine” he replied in return.

So I search out my son to inspect the damage,

and it’s all pretty gruesome, not sure how he managed,

to get so many wounds, but his clothes are okay,

one of those miracles, a bright spot in my day!

By Joanna Louise Doyle

January 2017


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